Accounting services

Accounting services:
We can provide Accounting Services in compliance with the Legislation, regulating the Accounting and Tax Book-keeping and with the Accounting Policy and Company Chart of Accounts. We keep the accounting registers, in compliance with the accounting principles, implied into the Accounting Act, the National or International Accounting Standards. We are preparing statements and reports, stipulated in the national Accounting Standards and the Accounting Act.
We are preparing monthly slips. And recapitulations for the tax and insurance dues.
We offer to our customers a full set of audit services. Let us increase the confidence in the quality and reliability of your financial statements. Audit of financial statements (annual and interim), prepared according to the national accounting standards for financial statements of small and medium enterprises (NASFRSSME), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and/or any other generally accepted accounting framework, as well as of consolidation packages prepared in accordance with the accounting policies of the group. Audit of projects funded under the EU program funds or other international financial institutions and /or governmental or non-governmental organizations. Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with accounting framework with special purpose. Audit of individual components of a financial statement or a specific element, article or item of a financial statement.

Due diligence – inspection of enterprises. Any sale of participation, transfer of a company or purchase of a project is performed after thorough examination of the legal and economic interests (due diligence). Due diligence is a careful examination and evaluation of the actual financial position of the entity subject to purchase, also referred as a business valuation.
Consultations and services in relation to acquisitions and reorganizations Consultations on tax results arising from the acquisition and reorganization (merger, amalgamation, division, separation). Tax due diligence. Assistance in preparing the documents necessary in case of acquisition and reorganization, formulating the objectives of reorganization and unambiguous settlement of relations between the parties.